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RISCOR is an underwriting manager for intermediaries in the short-term insurance industry on all Santam Mainframe business with work processes and value added products unique in this environment. With us administration is only a pleasure. Our business partners are the leaders in the insurance industry in the country and our value added products, service and products are the best in the business.

RISCOR is an approved Financial Service Provider (FSP 43818) which was established in September 2006. What sets us apart from the rest, is that we come to you! Yes, that is right we come to your offices and make sure that you get the personal service and attention that you deserve.

We believe that brokers have to manage their businesses at their discretion. We will, however, assist you to do this in a profitable manner. We outsource certain functions to qualifying brokers. This can improve their offering to their clients and their independence.

What we do

The administration of a brokerage requires time and commitment. RISCOR offers a system, products and services to relieve you from the burden of your administrative duties.

This will enable you to concentrate on service delivery and marketing to grow your business at Santam direct on their Mainframe. (Percetel / Ignite )

We make sure that all your administrative duties and functions are executed to perfection.

Our commercial, personal lines and claim services on Santam Mainframe business include:

  • Underwriting management directly on Santam Mainframe (Percetel / Ignite)
  • Policy administration directly on Santam Mainframe (Percetel / Ignite)
  • Claims management on a mandate basis including the settlement of claims direct on Santam Mainframe (Percetel / Ignite)
  • Statistical analysis of portfolios (Percetel / Ignite)
  • Unique Value Added Riscor products, exclusively for Riscor Brokers on Santam Mainframe (Percetel / Ignite)

Riscor Santam Mainframe Product Value Proposition

The clients of RISCOR brokers on Santam Mainframe policy's will have a unique policy number. No call centre will be able to assist brokers clients directly and will the client be revered back tot the broker or RISCOR.
Standard personal lines – 720
Standard pensioners personal lines – 721
Standard commercial policy’s

RISCOR’S claims mandate includes the appointment of Santam assessors, settlement of fast track claims, authorize repairs, replacements and settlements on motor and non motor claims on Santam Mainframe business (Percetel / Ignite). This is unique in the Santam Mainframe environment.

Exclusive Value Added Products for RISCOR brokers:

  • RISK ASSIST: Assistance product for clients.
  • EFS Car hire: We arrange a rental car in the event of loss or damage.
  • X’6sure: the vehicle owner will have the advantage of budgeting for their excess in case of accident and hi-jack of the insured vehicle. Additional cover for windscreen excess wavier.

RISCOR brokers will have unique value added products available on the direct Santam Mainframe policy which is unique in the Santam Mainframe environment.


RISCOR have a claims mandate on all Santam Mainframe business (Percetel / Ignite). Our dedicated claims team will deal with all personal linesand commercial claims in a reasonable time, as per service level agreemant.

RISCOR have the mandate to appoint Santam assessors, settle fast track claims, authorize repairs, replacements and settlements on motor and non motor claims on Santam Mainframe business (Percetel / Ignite).

RISCOR has a direct line to the Santam claims committee to refer any claims in dispute or where grey areas may excist on Santam Mainframe (Percetel / Ignite).

RISCOR’S brokers and their clients have direct excess to all Santam SOS numbers and standby services regarding claims assistance.

To ensure that we maintain the service level agreement, please ensure that all relevant documents are received and submitted.


We continuously negotiate with the insurer and suppliers for the best benefits, add on products and premiums.

Visit our website for more information – www.riscor.co.za

RISCOR uses the Santam Percetel mainframe system and will migrate to Santam ignite when available. The Santam Mainframe system (Percetel / Ignite) is tailor made for our Brokers to accommodate the unique Riscor Value Added Products.

The following reports are available on Santam Mainframe system:

  • Monthly claims reports
  • Commission statements
  • Unpaid debit orders
  • Multi-claimants
  • NCB adjustment reports
  • Birthday reports
  • Client detail reports
  • Numerous query's on the Click View program available on requests.

Our administration partners undertake to provide excellent support services at all times. Communication is the cornerstone of our business. Riscor values feedback, comments and suggestions.


Riscor Pretoria Office: 012 941 4849
Riscor Cape Town Office: 021 910 0306
Riscor Empangeni Office: 035 792 2386

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